So much left to say

Coping with a bereavement has been made that much harder by the incredibly difficult circumstances we are now facing. Families are separated, and many people can't say goodbye to family and friends as they would wish to.

This page is dedicated to their memory, a place to share the messages of love and remembrance that you were unable to say in person.


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my dear grandpa


Hey. I know you are sick and wanted to see me but since we both were covid positive I couldn't see you. It hurts me to not see u one last time and it hurts me to go to bed every day knowing you are not there to check if I had slept early or not and it hurt to eat because you are no longer there to see if I liked the food I ate and it hurts me to go on my life without you so please stay strong and come back for me because I still need you, without you, I am losing my mind