So much left to say

Coping with a bereavement has been made that much harder by the incredibly difficult circumstances we are now facing. Families are separated, and many people can't say goodbye to family and friends as they would wish to.

This page is dedicated to their memory, a place to share the messages of love and remembrance that you were unable to say in person.


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Rhexie Stalker

From Joanna your “granddaughter” as you referred to me xxxx

You have been a part of my life from the day I was born. You’ve been there for my 40 years & always had wise words to share. I’m so sad you’re no longer with us but I take comfort in knowing you’re looking out for me up there & reunited with Nan & Grandad after all this time. My daughter saw a Robin on her walk to school the day after u passed away, she knows it was u saying goodbye to her. We love u Rhexie u will never ever be forgotten. Thank u for being part of our world the kids and I love u

Rhexie Stalker